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Oil Paintings by the artist Sally Trueman

Sally Trueman Close Up Apple Blossom

Detail, Apple Blossom, Kent

Sally Trueman Apple Blossom

"Apple Blossom" Kent 2015. H 114 x W 146.5 cm POA McNeill Gallery

Kent is the garden of England, whilst driving on a back road in Kent, I came across an orchard of white apple blossom. It wasn’t a particular warm day and there was little contrast between the sky and the white blossom on the trees. Looking up at the trees, which were so full of blossom, it gave the appearance that the sky was momentary filled with a thick snow. I have tried to capture this feeling using a large canvas 114 x 146 cm. I have tried to capture this feeling using a large canvas 114 x 146 cm.

Close up Palm Trees

Detail, Palm Trees in Nice, A painting which was inspired whilst staying with a friend in Nice. It was an extremely hot day and her kitchen window was opposite the tops of the palm trees. Due to the punishing heat, the usual green palms were bleached to yellows and dark oranges, the blue of the sky was so light as to be barely visible. I liked the atmosphere this painting captures, sun soaked colours and the texture of the palms.

Sally Trueman Palm Trees Nice

Oil on Canvas "Palm Trees, Nice, France" H 101 x W 101 cm

Sally Trueman - Born 1960
Studied fine art at The University of Brighton. On leaving Brighton she focused on portraiture, continuing her education under Royal portrait painter John Hughes-Hallett until his death.
In 2000 Sally and her family moved to the South of France, where she was commissioned to do a series of large canvases depicting the landscape and colour of the region. This had a profound influence on her working style, which can be seen in her oil paintings today. Her paintings are fresh and sensitive, showing a passion for colour, movement and light. The texture of the paint having an almost sculptured sensation.
Her paintings are usually started “en plein air” and finished in her studio with the help of her sketch books.

Artist Statement
When I paint with oil, I build layers up slowly (thick over thin rule) to give the painting a sense of depth and a feeling of luminosity. After each finished layer, I slightly scrape the canvas down, leaving the canvas faintly scarred. I incorporate these scars into the next layer.
Each layer in my painting seems to unintentionally reveal the secret history of the painting's construction and creation. The individual layers that are built up reveal elements, such as the composition of the painting, for example sketch lines can be found underneath the paint pigments, which are deposited on the canvas.  
My finished painting may have a total of thirty to forty layers that have gradually been built up over a period of eighteen months to two years. Because of the slow way I work, I subsequently have in my studio at any one time twenty plus picture at different stages of development.
Oil is the perfect medium for landscape painting, like my canvases the landscapes also mirror its own construction. Depicting elements such as fault lines, stratification's and mineral deposits that are found in the rocks.  Just like the sketches and pigments that are found on a canvas reveal its own history of construction.
Building up a painting in layers, is perhaps a metaphor, my interpretation of life, on a subconscious level, visual experiences that we have throughout our lives, whether good or bad, are insidiously built up in layers, gradually changing the person over time.


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