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Sally Trueman

Sally Trueman Wisteria

Pastel "Wisteria" Aude, France. H 46 x W 55.5 cm POA

Public Collections 

New Zealand Public Collection, Christchurch City Council
National Portrait Gallery
Lloyds/T.S.B Group 
Brighton & Hove Museum Service 
National Westminster Bank 
Bank of China 
Museum Carcassonne 

“Sally Trueman is a contemporary English painter of international renown. Her work is featured in numerous collections throughout the world.

Her paintings are extracted from elements found in her sketch books along with ideas from drawings produced on site. When you look at her paintings closely, you will see layer upon layer of paint. At first glance, the marks on the canvas seem to be spontaneous, expressive and impulsive. In actual fact, the building up and stripping back of these layers of paint have taken extraordinary lengths of time and great perseverance. This results in the canvas taking on a sculptured look which gives the onlooker the impression of a fleeting, transitory moment captured from the artist’s vision and laid effortlessly on canvas.

The heavily worked brush strokes dominate her canvas, like a calligraphic mark. They are all inherent markings, in the same way that punctuation is inherent to a written page. It can be so delicate that it is hardly visible, veiled under layers of paint and washes, or it can be pulsing in the foreground.

These small marks that weave and interlace throughout her canvases pull the viewer into the artist’s world. Usually, an artist painting and re-painting on such a scarred and marked canvas would encounter too many problems to continue.

Nonetheless, Sally Trueman’s pastels and drawings show us that this is a talented artist who can afford to bend and break the artistic rules. This artist has a very unique style of painting.”

Luciana Greco 2016 (Italian Contemporary Art Journal)



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