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I believe a portrait should have an element of atmosphere and personality unique to the sitter that a photograph can never replicate.

Sally Trueman commissionaportrait 

Sally Trueman. Charcoal portrait - Example head study £550.00

Sally Trueman - Example of a double head study £950.00

Sally Trueman. Pastel portrait - Example head study £750.00

Sally Trueman - Example head and shoulders portrait. Oil on canvas £2,500.00

Sally Trueman Example 3/4 portrait. Oil on canvas, life size. £ 4,500

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PORTRAIT PRICES 2020 / 2021 (All portraits are unframed.)
Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, portraits will not be drawn from life. All commissions will be drawn from photographs .


silo_head.gifHead Study. Charcoal on paper, life size £ 550.00


silo_head.gifHead Study. Pastel, life size. £ 750


silo_double.gifDouble Head Study. Pastel, life size. £  £ 950.00
Oil on Canvas, life size. £ 3,500


silo_half.gifHead and Shoulders. Oil on canvas. life size. £ 2,500


silo_3quart.gif3/4 Portrait. Oil on canvas, life size. £ 4,500


silo_fulll.gifFull Length Portrait. Oil on Canvas. £ 8,500


silo_group.gifGroup Portrait. Oil on Canvas, starts from £ 18,000


silo_animals.gifAnimal Portrait. Pastel £ 550.00

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Commission a bespoke portrait

If you would like to commission a portrait, a simple contract will be drawn up between us and a deposit paid. In most cases, two instalments including the initial deposit are required for the commission. The final installment will be paid on completion. My preference is to spend an hour or so with the client to find out what they are looking for and to take my own photographs and make some colour reference notes. However, because of  COVID19 this is no longer possible, the portrait can be done from the client’s own photographs. These can be sent either as digital images, sent by e-mail, or as prints using traditional post. I can work from a photograph, however, it must be a good quality photo of the person.

The image must not be a scanned image. The person needs to be in sharp focus and all parts of the person must be clearly in view, unless just a head and shoulders portrait is required.

If the image is digital, it should ideally be uncompressed or if compression is used it should be minimal (largest file size) so as not to lose any quality. The digital image should not have its size reduced, the larger the better.

Do not attempt to edit any part of the image prior to sending it to me.The pose the person has in the photo will be the pose he or she has in the final portrait. Ideally the photo should not have been taken using a flash, reflections from the eyes can be corrected but harsh shadows can not.The image needs to be correctly exposed and with no burned out hot spots or deep shadows across the person.

If you have not personally taken the photograph you will need to seek permission from the photographer in order that there is no breach of copyright. I may ask you for confirmation of this when the image is sent.

E-mailing your photo is no guarantee it will be acceptable, but if it is turned down you will be given the reason and the opportunity to send another more suitable image. Should your photo be turned down this is not a criticism of your skill as a photographer, it is just that I may need different qualities to be present.

What medium?

Charcoal, some clients prefer portraits which do not rely so much on colour to convey the mood of the sitter.

Charcoal uses the simplicity of tones and will need to be framed under glass and kept away from direct sunlight, as sunlight on the glass may cause condensation to occur and moisture to build up which may harm the portrait.

Pastel, is a pure pigment in a stick. Pastel portraits will need to be framed under glass and away from direct sunlight, as sunlight on the glass may cause condensation to occur and moisture to build up which may harm the portrait.

However, you will find that the lasting quality of pastel, will far out stretch that of an oil painting.

As pastels are pure pigment with no real additives, if kept well, they will never need to be retouched, re-stretched and will not crack unlike an oil painting.

Oil. Portraits are done on professional quality canvas. Oil paintings cost about the same price to frame as pastels. The advantage of oil portraits over pastel portraits is that they are not limited in size and they do not need glass in the framing process.

Examples of Animal Portraits £550

Sally Trueman "Hounds"


Sally Trueman "Cat on a Rug"


Sally Trueman "Pointers"


Sally Trueman "kitten-and-butterfly"


Sally Trueman "Fox Terrier"


Sally Trueman "Rabbits"


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